What to Do if Your Company Is Sued for Discrimination

If you are a business owner that has recently found out has an ongoing investigation regarding discriminatory acts, you will want to take the proper steps in order to avoid further problems. Here are some steps you can take to keep your business in good-standing while proving that you did not engage an any discrimination of your employees.

Hire a Business Attorney

When your business is sued over discrimination, you must have a lawyer to represent you. The employee will have filed paperwork with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and it will need to be follow up upon to find out if there was indeed any reason why the employee was discriminated against. A lawyer will speak in your behalf and will be able to show the EEOE what steps were taken before the employee's removal from the company. 

Keep Great Records

If you have been notified that there is a problem regarding a former employee being upset about a firing, you will want to find all records pertaining to this person in order to prove that their dismissal had nothing to do with any other reason than bad work ethics. If they were let go, there will be some sort of disciplinary action that would have been documented by their supervisor. Most people will have a warning unless they have done something like steal or commit forgery. Find this paperwork and give it to your lawyer.

Consider Mediation

The EEOE offers a mediation program for free that will help determine a course of action to be taken. This is a program that will allow both parties to come up with a solution that will be favorable to the party who is suing and that will stop the case from needing to go into litigation. If the case does go to court, you must be prepared for a lot of negative publicity and the possibility of several years of investigation, court dates, and lawyers.

This can be harmful to the profits of the company and the negative impact can be far worse than giving in to the mediation results. Sometimes it is better to agree to the requests during this program in order to save the company from the embarrassment and loss of funds that can be possible from a high-profile case.

If your faced with discrimination allegation, you can use these tips to make the most of the situation. Contact resources such as Carter West Law firm for more assistance.