Three Ways To Reduce The Risk Of A Motorcycle Accident

Obeying the traffic laws while riding your motorcycle is not enough. A car driver can be at fault in an accident, and it will be the motorcyclist that is most likely to suffer the worst of it. However, there are a few defensive riding techniques that can reduce your chances of getting hit by a careless or distracted driver. The following are three tips to keep your risk of car collisions low.

Cars making lefts turns

Cars making left turns in front of you are a common reason for accidents with motorcycles. This will happen at intersections without a left turn arrow, and the fault will usually be that of the automobile driver, who is supposed to yield to oncoming traffic. Many drivers misjudge the speed of a motorcycle versus a car and may attempt to turn when there is not enough time to do so. At other times, a driver is looking for cars and simply does not see the motorcycle. To reduce your chances of an accident, do the following: When you see a car with their wheels turned and moving, even slightly, slow down. Make sure the front wheels have come to a complete stop.

Cars changing lanes

A typical car is going to have a blind spot, and every motorcycle rider knows not to travel in this area for a long period of time. In addition to this, you need to avoid being next to the driver as well. They may check their mirror before a lane change, but forget to look to their side. A motorcycle can easily be missed in a driver's peripheral vision. Even a bump from a lane change can result in a terrible outcome for a bike rider. Stay ahead of the car or well behind the driver's blind spot.

Being hit from behind at stop lights

This is a common occurrence with cars. A driver doesn't see the red light and applies the brakes too late, resulting in the car in front being hit. For cars, this may only result in damage to the cars, but personal injuries are more likely for a biker. A good safety precaution is to move to the side of the lane at red lights, and keep your eyes on your rear view mirror. If a car is approaching too fast, you will have some room and time to move out of the way.

The above tips will help reduce your chances of a collision with a car, but some accidents are simply unavoidable. If you find yourself a victim of a driver that caused injuries, you need to contact a personal injury attorney to help you get the compensation you are entitled to. Make sure to get a lawyer with experience with motorcycle accidents, because these types of collisions can be much different than those involving only cars.

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