3 Ways To Empower Yourself And Reclaim Your Life After Divorce

There is no higher self-esteem than empowerment. Reclaiming your independence during a divorce makes the statement that you are a survivor. Once part of a team, you may now find yourself standing alone while you continue to struggle with emotions from a failed marriage and subsequent divorce. While your attorney will work on the legal entanglements, reclaiming your life will be up to you. Below are some tips to help.

Dealing with your Wedding Rings

In many divorce situations, a lawyer will be needed to help a couple negotiate who will retain possession of the wedding rings. Legally, most states will automatically award the engagement and wedding rings to the respective spouse unless it is a family heirloom. However, many people will want to keep their rings due to financial or sentimental reasons. This generally involves lawyers and judges to help in resolving the issue.

While being awarded the rings in a divorce can offer great satisfaction, it can sometimes serve as a reminder of the emotional pain associated with the marriage break-up. In such situations it can be a good idea to repurpose the rings. Here are some empowering suggestions:

  • Traditionally put it away as a keepsake
  • Sell it and buy new clothes
  • Trade it in for a new piece of jewelry
  • Redesign it into a necklace or bracelet
  • Wear it on your middle finger

The disposition of the wedding ring is subjective to your desires. 

Changing Your Name

Recovery from divorce requires a lifestyle change.  Women have the option of keeping their married name or returning to their surname.  Ridding oneself of their former mate's name can often be a very positive step in moving forward. If a woman decides to change her name, a divorce attorney will often include this in the divorce papers. Deciding to change from one's married name requires forethought, especially if the couple has children.

Deciding to Expand your Social Life

One of the greatest ways to empower yourself is to reach out to those who are supportive and share the same outlook on life as you. For some people branching out to meet others may seem a bit daunting, but it can be a confidence builder on the pathway to reclaiming your life.

The sacrifices and compromises you may have made during your marriage no longer exist. You now have the power to reinvent your life – rebrand it. This alone can offer a great sense of empowerment to anyone.

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