FAQ About Getting Legal Help After Workers Compensation Is Denied

Are you frustrated because your employer does not want you to receive workers compensation benefits? If you are now in a situation where you have to stay home and heal with no income, it is wise to hire a lawyer from a company like Erickson Law Office as soon as possible. In this article, you will find the answers to some of the questions that might come to mind as to how a lawyer can help.

How Can a Lawyer Prove the Injury Occurred At Work?

Your lawyer will talk to you about how you were injured at work. You will also be asked if any of your coworkers were around when the injury happened. If your coworkers witnessed the incident, they might be contacted and asked questions about what they saw. You will also have to give your lawyer documents from your physician that show that you are being treated. Your physician can also provide a document that explains why your injury is likely related to work based on the injury's characteristics.

How Will the Inability to Work Be Proven?

The inability to work will be proven based on the extent of your injury and how it is detailed in your medical records. However, your lawyer might also speak to a vocational professional about how the injury affects your ability to work. Your specific job position will be explained to the vocational expert, and he or she will be shown your medical records to gain a better understanding of the injury. The expert can then draft up a statement that can be used as evidence when your employer or the legal counsel representing the company is contacted about your complaint.

Will a Lawsuit Be Filed for the Dispute?

A workers compensation dispute does not usually end up in court unless other settlement methods are unsuccessful. The typical way to settle a workers compensation dispute is through mediation, as it can protect the reputation of your employer and get you a faster settlement. The first thing that your lawyer will do is contact your employer to find out if he or she will agree to discuss the case via mediation. If there is no cooperation, the dispute will then turn into a lawsuit and be handled in the court system.

Get in touch with a workers compensation lawyer so you can explain your situation and obtain the money that you need while you are unable to work.