Three Signs You're Ready To Adopt

Adoption is a rewarding responsibility, but it is often a significant undertaking. When a child comes into your home, you become their friend, their guide, their protector – their parent. It is your responsibility to ensure you are creating the best environment for them to flourish. If you are considering this step, ensure you're ready.

You Can Adapt

Adopting a child requires many changes. You need to be sure you can adapt as necessary, especially if you don't already have any children in your home. For instance, if your typical day consist of working late, heading to the gym for a couple of hours and stopping by a local restaurant for dinner, you will need to make some changes.

Children don't just need shelter, food, and clothing, they also need time. Only if you're willing to adapt your schedule are you ready to adopt.  

You Can Manage The Psychological Commitment

Adoption is not something you can or should try to keep a secret forever. If the child is older, this is a conversation you will likely have immediately, and if they are younger, you will likely not have it for some time. However, the point is that the conversation will come up at some point. For both the child and the adopting family, this can be a highly emotional journey.

Some children have a strong need to connect with their birth family and some struggle with the idea of not truly belonging anywhere. You need to be sure you are equipped to manage this situation when it arises and be willing to help the child in any way you can.

Your Family Is On-board

If you have a spouse, partner, or children already in the home, make sure they are on-board with the adoption. When you adopt a child, you aren't just bringing them into your life, but into the entire family's life.

If they don't approve of the decision, you could be creating unnecessary tension for your existing family members as well as the child. Sit down and have several conversations with your family to discuss their feelings and ensure this is a journey they are eager to embark on with you.

If you believe you are ready for adoption, consider speaking with an attorney. An attorney will discuss with you the legal journey of adoption, as well as the state requirements. Your self-assessment combined with the aid of the attorney can help ensure a more successful adoption process.