Why You Need A Lawyer After Getting In A Car Accident

Getting into an auto accident is an ordeal you hope to never face. However, when you do get into a car accident, even if the wreck isn't your fault, you need legal counsel to ensure the outcome of the accident is as positive for you as possible.

Car accidents are expensive and difficult to go through. Here are reasons you need a lawyer after getting into a car wreck, even if the accident isn't your fault.

Your Claim Can Be Denied

Your insurance company will give you the funds for your accident that they deem worthy, and if your medical bills associated with the wreck are not considered by your auto insurance company to be valid, your claim can be denied. Furthermore, your claim to get your vehicle repaired can also be denied if you drive an older car or if your vehicle damages exceed the cost of your car.

A lawyer will fight for your rights to monetary compensation for medical bills and vehicle repair (or replacement). Your lawyer will speak on your behalf with your auto insurance company and the insurance company of the other party to ensure you get the funds you need and deserve as a result of your auto accident.

Your Medical Needs Can Increase

Your auto insurance company will wish to settle your case as quickly as possible so the funds you receive are all you get, even if your medical costs or auto repairs continue after your claim has been settled. Don't settle; rather, let your lawyer keep your case open so you can receive monies you need for extended medical care or future auto repair or replacement costs (including a rental car while your car is getting repaired) so you don't end up paying more out of pocket than you should.

Your Settlement Is Not Enough

While a settlement amount from your auto insurance company or that of the other insurance company may appear to be a large sum, don't fall for the temptation to get fast cash. Your lawyer's job is to get you the money you rightfully deserve as a result of your auto accident, not a meager amount to just get you by.

Your lawyer will examine all your settlement offers and make a rebuttal against them, raising the claim amount you need until all parties can come to an agreement on a settlement that is actually fair for you. When you get in a car accident, a lawyer with experience in auto accident claims is very beneficial to you.  

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