3 Important Steps To Take When Seeking A Protective Order For An Abuser

Relationships with people may not always work out. This can be become problematic when there is an abuser involved. In this case, you'll want to seek a protective order so that this abuser has to legally stay away. Getting this order will be a smooth process if you take these actions. 

Be Honest in Application

To be granted a protective order on any one individual, you must fill out an application. It's important that you carefully fill this out and most importantly, remain honest all the way through. Lying in this protective order form constitutes as fraud and then you could suffer legal consequences. 

Or, if the party analyzing your protective order realizes you lied, the application will be thrown out. Then, you may be left stuck in a potentially dangerous situation with the person who has been abusing you. Just be honest and concise with every detail.  

Understand Grounds For a Protective Order

A protective order is a serious matter because it's essentially restricting someone's freedom. Thus, you need to know exactly what the grounds for a protective order are. You can then compare them with your situation and proceed accordingly.

Some instances that may warrant a protective order include physical violence or verbal threats of physical violence. Basically, if you feel like your life or the life of a child is being threatened, you'll want to seek out a protective order. Instances like verbal arguments typically don't result in protective orders being granted.

Hire an Attorney

If you've never tried getting a protective order before, the entire process may seem a little scary and foreign. In this case, the best thing you can do is work with an attorney that specializes in protective order cases. They'll look at your personal situation, seeing what threats or violent attempts a person has made on your life.

If they deem you a good candidate, they can get the protective order paperwork in order. In the meantime, they'll let you know the rights you have during this time. If the protective order is violated at any point, you can talk to your attorney and they'll have that person prosecuted to the full extent of the law. 

Sometimes relationships can turn south and unfortunately get violent. If you fear for your well being, consider filing for a protective order. As long as you follow certain protocols from the beginning, this order will be acknowledged and processed right away. Speak with an attorney like Roseline D. Feral Attorney at Law for more information.