If You Have Been Bitten by a Dog You Need an Injury Attorney

Dog bites are common, but it does not mean that this behavior should be normalized or accepted. If someone else's dog has attacked you, it is an important matter that must be addressed. Learn why it is so important that you speak with an attorney.

Dog Bites Come with Financial Costs

When a dog bites an innocent victim, there are costs involved; costs that you could be left to pay out of pocket. First, no matter how significant the bite, all bites should be examined by a medical professional to minimize the threat of infection. Second, if the bite is significant, it may be necessary to have a restorative treatment performed as part of the recovery. Lastly, significant bites can also cause the victim to miss time from work. All these instances come with a price. It is important to speak with an attorney to ensure you are financially compensated for any expenses you will incur. 

Pet Owners Have a Responsibility

Every pet owner should be responsible. A large part of this process involves keeping others safe and taking measures to prevent an attack. For example, if a pet owner knows they have an aggressive dog and does not make an effort to secure their dog while outside, they are not meeting their obligation. You should not be left to suffer on your own solely because the owner did not want to do the right thing. Pet owners must be held accountable and liable for any harm they have inadvertently caused within the life of the dog bite victim. 

Bite Injuries Have Long-Term Consequences

Financial costs are not the only long-term consequences that come along with a dog bite, particularly a vicious attack. Unfortunately, there are plenty of victims who develop long-term trauma and anxiety after an attack. People in this group may have ongoing pain and suffering and may no longer be able to be in the presence of a dog without fear or concern. Some people experience permanent disfigurement. No matter the type of consequence, as a victim you did not cause the problem, so you should not suffer in silence with it. 

If you or a loved one has been bitten by a dog, do not minimize the matter. It is a good idea to speak with an attorney to learn more about what your options might be going forward.  Contact attorneys like Franklin L. Jones, Jr. to learn more.