3 Common Issues A Probate Lawyers Handle

Many issues arising during the probate process can be difficult for you to handle, especially if you don't have any legal experience. It involves many confusing steps. Although you can learn some new procedures through the internet, hiring a probate lawyer can reduce your stress and make things easier for you. Here are three common issues these lawyers handle.

Misplaced Testament

You may misplace your will due to several reasons. Perhaps you forgot to put it in the right place, or you might have accidentally thrown it away. If that happens, then you will be left without a testament. This can result in major problems when you die because your loved ones will not know your last wish.

A probate attorney can help you find your will. Copies of testaments are usually kept in the lawyer's office or court. You'll only need to tell them your testament's content, and they'll help you retrieve it. However, this can only be possible if you worked with a particular attorney while drafting your testament.

Preparing an Estate Plan

An estate plan is a legal document created to make your property's distribution smooth if you die. It outlines your family's financial responsibilities and the assets you intend to give various people after your death. If it's drafted wrongly, your heirs may have to deal with many disputes and court cases.

A probate attorney can help you create an excellent plan. Before doing this, they'll ensure your will is valid, and all your assets are transferred according to your wishes. They'll also inform you about the law in your state, so you're sure your plan's contents are within the law. This will make your heirs feel comfortable about their inheritances.

Executor Fails to Fulfill Their Duty

An executor has several key roles to play. These include converting the decedent's assets to cash, paying off debts and taxes owed by the estate, distributing property according to will or estate law, and managing investments until the estate is distributed. The probate process can be very difficult when the executor does not fulfill these roles. An attorney can provide a solution. They'll draft a new will to ensure the executor is properly appointed and all the will's conditions are fulfilled. They'll also help you organize all of your financial documents, so there are no gaps in them. This will allow your loved ones to settle any outstanding debts and taxes.

Probate issues can be time-consuming and frustrating, but they are necessary to ensure that your assets are properly distributed. Hiring a probate lawyer will ensure that your estate is properly managed and distributed according to your wishes.