5 Pain Points A Child Custody Attorney Can Help You Solve

It's not uncommon for child issues to turn acrimonious because of strong emotional attachments. Child custody cases can be complicated and have far-reaching consequences, so it's vital to seek legal counsel from a professional in the sector who can assist you in navigating this tumultuous issue. Help from an experienced child custody lawyer may alleviate a lot of the stress that comes along with child custody agreements. When are they useful?

1. When One Parent Has a Drug Addiction Issue

Your lawyer may assist you in reopening your custody case or adjust your agreement to accommodate your co-persistent parent's difficulties. They may demonstrate to the court that the current arrangement is putting the kid at risk, and they can do so by providing proof of that risk.

2. Visitation Plans Might Be Disrupted for a Variety of Reasons

A child custody attorney can assist you in taking the appropriate actions to safeguard your rights in the event of a breakdown in visits. When it comes to modifying the visiting schedule, they may also assist you in bargaining on your behalf. If you are denied access to your kid, they may execute a court order for visitation.

3. The Possibility of Child Relocation

If you and your spouse cannot agree on where the children will reside, a court will make the decision. Everybody's lives will be affected in some way during this period. With the aid of a child custody attorney, you may work out an agreement with your co-parent and come up with a parenting plan that is in the best interest of your children.

5. When Important Information About the Kid Is Withheld

When it comes to making choices concerning your kid, a child custody lawyer can provide you with the facts you need. As a kind of blackmail, the parent with custody may withhold information from the other parent. 

However, you have a legal right to know about a child's health and educational development. A court order may be obtained by your attorney to protect your interests.

5. When You Suspect Child Abuse

Do you suspect your child is undergoing physical or emotional abuse from your co-parent or their new partner? Or do you think your child's living standards have deteriorated drastically? Have they lost weight or become malnourished? 

These are all red flags and should be addressed immediately. A lawyer can advise what steps to take next and keep your children safe while they go through the system.

Child custody problems are often emotional and difficult, requiring good, objective legal counsel. Your child's interests and future are at stake, so you should seek the best legal help possible. Call a child custody attorney like Kenneth J. Molnar for more info.