Punishments You Might Get for Driving Under the Influence of Drugs, and How to Reduce Them with Legal Help

Each state uses varying impairment laws. Therefore, you might face different charges if the police arrest you after suspecting that you were driving while impaired with drugs. For example, the prosecuting officer might incorporate your case as an independent statute, or they might use alcohol impairment laws to prosecute you. Whatever the case, you might face the following consequences if the judge finds you guilty. The best way to reduce or avoid them is by getting legal help immediately after law enforcement stops you for operating a vehicle under the influence (OVI).

You Might Get a Jail Sentence

A determination that you were intoxicated with illegal substances when driving might cause you to receive a jail sentence. Punishments for this offense vary in different states. Therefore, your minimum and maximum sentences will depend on your state laws. However, there are instances when a jail sentence may be lifted, including a determination that you have never committed another crime. The judge might also fail to imprison you if you complete mandated steps, including completing a rehabilitation program as agreed in court. An OVI attorney can take advantage of these privileges to help you avoid a jail sentence. They will use different strategies to fight your first charge and convince the judge not to jail you. In addition, they will request the court to allow you to go through a rehab program so that you will not drive while impaired again.

Community Service

The judge might also ask you to undertake community services for a specified period. They will rule on where you will work and the number of hours you will have to complete. Again, legal help is necessary when negotiating the terms of your service. Your lawyer will raise different issues to convince the judge that your crime does not deserve severe punishment. This might give you a few hours of service, enabling you to continue working as you serve your sentence.

Cash Fines

A conviction for OVI might incur huge financial losses if the judge orders you to pay a cash fine. The amount the jury will ask you to pay will depend on your criminal record and the severity of your crime. You may want to hire a lawyer to represent you in your case so that they can negotiate lower penalties. This might prevent financial stress because you may also have other monetary consequences like court costs or compensation fees if your impairment led to an accident.

A determination that you were impaired with drugs while driving can make you face the consequences above. In addition, the charges might make you appear on criminal records, which might impact your life for a long time. However, you can avoid severe consequences by hiring an OVI lawyer to defend you in court.