Will You Need More Care Later?

You should ask yourself if you will need more care later if you have recently been involved in an accident that was not your fault. It's all good if you are getting medical treatment now, but what if you continue to need treatment for several more months? Find out more below. 

Medical Treatment Is Important to Your Case

You don't want to do anything to upset your ability to be paid for your injuries. Personal injury cases focus mostly on your injuries and medical treatment. After all, that is why it's called personal injury law. Things can go terribly wrong if you don't get any medical treatment, don't get it soon enough, or don't follow medical advice. When that occurs, it's known as a failure to mitigate. When you seek medical treatment for your injuries, legally you are doing what should be done to ensure that things don't get worse. If you don't, the other side has no assurance that your injuries are not worse because of your failure to act.

Another important aspect of medical care is that some insurers and car wreck lawyers base how much money you are paid for pain and suffering on the dollar amount of your medical costs. The higher your medical costs, the more you may be paid for pain and suffering. Don't skimp on medical treatment costs and keep good records of any out-of-pocket expenses.

How Long Should Your Treatment Last?

Car wreck lawyers use a legal term to judge medical treatment known as maximum medical improvement (MMI). Once you are found to be at MMI, the amount of care you will continue to need can be determined. MMI is determined by a medical examination performed by a neutral doctor. The exam attempts to ascertain the status of an injury at a certain point in time. Going forward after MMI, you will know how much you are owed for both past medical expenses and a prediction of future medical expenses.

For example, if you have a back injury from an accident, the treatment could take a while to complete. Back injuries are slow to heal. You might want to settle your case now, however. If your injury situation has stabilized, you might be at MMI. Your car wreck lawyer can use the information to place a dollar amount on what you are owed for future medical treatment. That could cover additional surgery, physical therapy, medication, and more.

Don't rush into a period of MMI. It can take time to stabilize after an accident injury. To learn more, speak to a car wreck lawyer.