Filing A Counter-Claim After Your Ex Files A Child Custody Claim Against You

When your ex-spouse is trying to change your child custody arrangement, you will want to file an answer and even file a counter-petition. An experienced child custody attorney will be able to help you with this decision. The Role of an Attorney One of the primary roles of a child custody attorney in this situation is to make sure that all deadlines are met and that you file all documents within the appropriate time frame.

How Falling Merchandise Can Lead To Severe Head Injuries

Merchandise on store shelves can be very heavy. It’s the responsibility of a store to keep the merchandise secured properly so that it doesn’t fall and cause any injuries. Unfortunately, some companies are negligent in securing the merchandise, and you might suffer a severe head injury as a result of merchandise falling on your head. Improperly Installed Shelving Equipment When a store does not install shelves properly, they might tip over and fall on customers.