What You Need To Know If You're Trying To Fire An Employee Who's Been Ill

Dealing with a problem employee is bad enough, but when that same employee has also been ill and has threatened a lawsuit against you if you dare fire them, it is even worse. You can’t fire an employee for doing a bad job if it’s related to their illness and if you can accommodate them and help them improve. But that certainly does cloud the situation when the employee is not only ill but also a bully or simply terrible at their job no matter their health status; your other employees deserve a work environment where they are not dealing with inappropriate behavior.

What Are A Small Business Owner's Legal Responsibilities Regarding Workers' Compensation?

One of the first steps you take when you start a business is to hire qualified employees. While some might take this lightly, employing workers is an important responsibility. For example, you must ensure that the workplace is safe and secure, facilitating operations without hazards. However, it might be impossible to mitigate against all potential injuries, which is where insurance comes in. As a small business owner, you ought to set up a workers’ compensation policy to avoid injury lawsuits from employees.

Will You Need More Care Later?

You should ask yourself if you will need more care later if you have recently been involved in an accident that was not your fault. It’s all good if you are getting medical treatment now, but what if you continue to need treatment for several more months? Find out more below.  Medical Treatment Is Important to Your Case You don’t want to do anything to upset your ability to be paid for your injuries.

Get An Attorney If You Think You Are A Victim Of Wage Discrimination

Equal pay doesn’t mean that two people doing the exact same job are going to get the exact same pay. There are many valid reasons why those people might get paid differently while doing the same job. For example, one person may have more education or experience than another. What equal pay refers to is ensuring that the two people aren’t getting paid differently usually because of the gender of one of the people.

Punishments You Might Get for Driving Under the Influence of Drugs, and How to Reduce Them with Legal Help

Each state uses varying impairment laws. Therefore, you might face different charges if the police arrest you after suspecting that you were driving while impaired with drugs. For example, the prosecuting officer might incorporate your case as an independent statute, or they might use alcohol impairment laws to prosecute you. Whatever the case, you might face the following consequences if the judge finds you guilty. The best way to reduce or avoid them is by getting legal help immediately after law enforcement stops you for operating a vehicle under the influence (OVI).

5 Pain Points A Child Custody Attorney Can Help You Solve

It’s not uncommon for child issues to turn acrimonious because of strong emotional attachments. Child custody cases can be complicated and have far-reaching consequences, so it’s vital to seek legal counsel from a professional in the sector who can assist you in navigating this tumultuous issue. Help from an experienced child custody lawyer may alleviate a lot of the stress that comes along with child custody agreements. When are they useful?

The Two Types Of Witnesses In Court Proceedings

Are you involved in a lawsuit and you are in the process of gathering your witnesses? If so, be aware that there are two types of witnesses that you can get involved in your case. Here is what you need to know about them. Fact Witnesses As the name implies, a fact witness is somebody that is only allowed to provide facts regarding a case. They are also referred to as percipient witnesses or eyewitnesses, so be aware that all three names are essentially the same thing.

3 Compelling Reasons Professional Legal Representation Is Crucial When Fighting Criminal Charges

The law sometimes awards hefty penalties against criminals. The prosecuting officers can demonstrate unwavering determination when proving that a criminal engaged in an unlawful act. So if you’re facing criminal charges, the prosecutor may use every available resource to link you to the alleged crime. Unfortunately, they may take advantage of your inadequacy and get the upper hand in the case. For that reason, it is paramount to engage a criminal defense attorney in your case.

2 Postitive Effects Of An Uncontested Divorce

Couples who have decided that they do not want to be married anymore might be able to have an easy divorce process if they opt for an uncontested divorce. In order to understand this better, you need to know the types of divorces. Contested divorces occur when individuals disagree on the terms of the dissolution of the marriage or the allegation in the petition for the divorce. It can also happen when one spouse does not agree to the divorce.

How To Seek Compensation From An Accident Involving A Car And A Golf Cart

While visiting a golf course, you might decide to hop on a golf cart. This is a very convenient mode of transportation and is generally very safe because of how slowly the golf cart travels. However, if the driver chooses to drive across the street with the golf cart, and the cart is hit by a car, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. It’s Dangerous to Drive a Golf Cart on the Road

3 Common Issues A Probate Lawyers Handle

Many issues arising during the probate process can be difficult for you to handle, especially if you don’t have any legal experience. It involves many confusing steps. Although you can learn some new procedures through the internet, hiring a probate lawyer can reduce your stress and make things easier for you. Here are three common issues these lawyers handle. Misplaced Testament You may misplace your will due to several reasons. Perhaps you forgot to put it in the right place, or you might have accidentally thrown it away.

Hit By An 18-Wheeler? How An Attorney Can Help

Getting into any kind of vehicular accident can be traumatizing. It’s never expected and when it happens, the suddenness of the event can leave you in a complete state of shock. While this is most definitely true as it pertains to colliding with another car, the situation gets turned on its head when you are hit by an 18-wheeler. The sheer massiveness of the truck can wreak the kind of damage that takes a long time to repair.